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ICT Lead Teacher Day – June

Wow, just realised I haven’t blogged for ages. Sorry about that.  Has been crazy getting ready to leave a school after 9 years, plus pack a house and organise teenagers. Is like herding sheep, but not as cuddly.

So, here I am at my last Lead Teacher Day.  Bit sad really, but great to be here getting my fill of E-Learning and iGeekiness.


Discussion of Cyber Safety to support helping children/adults learn safe practices. 

The best thing is just to block it all … right?  Stu McGregor, ICT consultant for primary and intermediate schools (Headline of Interface Article)

Message to share with parents:  Don’t worry that you are not internet savvy, just use your gut feelings. Use your knowledge and life skills, because your kids don’t have these.

We watched Brett Lee clip from Ed Talks where Brett argues that students lack the life skills to identify these dangers and he promotes awareness, empowerment and self-esteem.  This is the clip HERE.

One important thing that kids and teens need to know is that what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. 

Inappropriate Material

As schools we need to think about Inappropriate Material:

·         If something comes up that they shouldn’t be viewing, what do the kids do?  (Idea: Hector). 

·         Have we informed our parents about the need for cyber safety and awareness.  You can safe search on Google and YouTube.


We need to be making sure that the kids know what to do if they, or a friend, is being Cyberbullied.  This page on Cyberbullying has handy tips and clips.

Sharing Personal Information

Kids need to realise that something sent on internet or on a cell phone can go anywhere.  This page has ideas for helping kids understand the dangers and gives parents helpful ideas.  Also some great video clips that could be useful for parents to watch with kids. 

It is also important for kids to realise that they need to protect their families too.

A School’s Responsibility

What are NZ Schools doing to help grow cybersafe, cybersavvy and responsible digital citizens? 

·         NAG5 – provide safe and healthy physical and emotional environment

·         Internet Management – safe filtering and tracking (Schoolzone – Watchdog)

·         User agreements defining acceptable behavior (Students and Parents sign) to allow use of school resources (A user agreement doesn’t take away the school’s responsibility.)

·         Cybersafety Education and increasingly Cyber Citizenship Education

·         Building teachers’ capacity to guide and help students

  • Making students aware of copyright and ownership of digital resources

An education approach rather than a restrictive approach because, "Can you learn to cross a road without actually doing it!"

source: Dave Young’s http://letsbesafe.wikispaces.com/Schools

Golden Rules

Allanah and Charles have come up with some practical guidelines to show to parents.  Great ideas and thoughts for discussion.  Also made me realise that discussions around cybersafety has to be an on-going thing and not a yearly unit.


Allanah shared some practical ideas and uses for Skype.  We even got to talk to Ewan McIntosh’s mum in Scotland! 

Some great ideas and resources HERE.

Virtual Learning Network

Like Facebook for teachers. Great way to network and share with other teachers and educators. Some neat features and resources.  Click HERE to join.

Was a great day, just sad it is my last. Awesome cluster with great leaders.  Thanks, Allanah and Charles!

2 Responses to ICT Lead Teacher Day – June

  1. Allanah King says:

    The whole cluster and especially your school will so miss your personal input and leadership. It is great that we can still have your virtual contributions through your blog, Skype and VLN.

    All of our best wishes and aroha go with you.

    You know that.



  2. Lyn H says:

    Once again both you and Tracy have brought back some thought provoking ideas, questions and consideration. I like that term ‘cyber citerzinship’- an important competency to develop in our kids. Please keep blogging- your communicator strength gains words and ‘flies’.

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